Italy Soccer – The Passion For Soccer

Italy Soccer is the most beloved sport in Italy. Soccer is a favorite of Italians. They love soccer as much or more than wine. Italy is proud of its soccer teams.

The Serie A is Italy’s premier soccer league. It is also called “calcio”. It was then officially renamed Serie A TIM because it was sponsored and financed by an Italian telecom firm with initials as TIM. The league comprises 20 teams. You can refer to teams as Serie A, B or Serie B. A indicates that they have the highest rank, and B signifies that they have the lowest. Inter Milan has maintained its Serie A rank throughout many years.

Italy has soccer games from August to May. Millions of Italians flock to the stadiums each year to cheer their favorite soccer teams. The live broadcast of the tournament is covered by nearly all TV networks.

Italy’s “AzzurriBlues” is one of the country’s national teams. They wear blue as their uniform. The team was victorious at the 2006 World Cup, which took place in Germany. With the 2010 World Cup scheduled to be held in Africa the team will defend their title.

It is a great place to visit if you are in Italy to view Xoi lac truc tiep bong da TV tournaments. Italians take pride in supporting their teams. You don’t want them to be upset.


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